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The mobilisation of a vessel to perform specific tasks offshore requires detailed planning to ensure that the asset is available on time with due regard for safety and cost.

There can be many obstacles along the way between vessel selection to vessel sail away and at MMCA we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. We are regularly requested to provide turnkey vessel mobilisation solutions which may commence with initial vessel option assessment through to final equipment load test and sail away. We have mobilised and de-mobilised a wide range of equipment onto an ever increasing number of offshore vessels and continue to engage with clients to improve the process. Turnkey mobilisation would normally include but not limited to:

  • Initial vessel option assessment
  • Preparation of mobilisation arrangement
  • Review of all applicable rules, standards, codes and industry best practice
  • Detailed design of all vessel interfaces
  • Verification of deck strength and stiffening as required
  • Arrangement of Class Approval form agreement and liaison for Class approval
  • Fabrication & coating of all interface steelwork
  • Transport of all steelwork to vessel
  • Pre mobilisation HIRA, risk assessments and planning
  • Review of vessel permit to work system and integration
  • Arrange lifting, rigging and cranes as required
  • All on vessel hotwork (welding, cutting, arc-air gouging etc)
  • Load testing and NDT
  • Quality assurance packs

Throughout this process our Project Manager and/or designated engineer would attend to oversee and supervise all stages on our client’s behalf. We always endeavour to provide a senior member of the design team to supervise the installation of equipment during a mobilisation allowing good communication and management of change. At MMCA we pride ourselves in our previous track record with vessel mobilisation.


MMCA have recently invested in specific equipment to aid vessel mobilisation including a containerised Portable Mobilisation Module. The Module contains all electrical power distribution for the mobilisation with various safety features incorporated as follows:

  • Single point lift / Road transportable
  • 415v / 240v / 110v Distribution
  • Power provided by vessel / generator
  • Small tools and equipment
  • Grinding / Cutting consumables
  • Charging points for radios and welding respirator filters
  • Lighting points
  • PPE