Minesto Buoy

Malin Group achieve major milestone in delivering Minesto buoy for Deep Green project

The Malin Group have completed the fabrication of the buoy which will provide a critical support function to the operation of the first commercial-scale 0.5 MW Deep Green tidal current generator device located offshore at the Holyhead Deep, Wales. The buoy will be transported by road this week to the King George V dock on the River Clyde, to complete its fitout and commissioning works prior to installation in spring 2018.

The 100 te offshore buoy is designed for extreme sea conditions, in operation it will provide power and data communications with the DG500 unit and will also act as a Floating Micro Grid to facilitate grid compatibility testing of the subsea tidal generator.

Malin Group has been responsible for the design engineering activity at its offices in Aberdeen and construction at its Fabrication facility in Renfrew.

Graham Tait, managing director at Malin Group in Aberdeen, noted: “this significant milestone demonstrates the full capability within Malin Group for engineering, fabrication and transport of complex structures and we are proud to be able to attract such ground breaking projects to the River Clyde. We look forward to working closely with our client Minesto to ready the unit for sea on this challenging project.”

David Collier, Chief Operating Officer at Minesto said “The completion of the buoy fabrication represents another big step toward the successful installation and testing of the commercial scale DG500 tidal generator offshore.“


Visit minesto.com/projects/holyhead-deep  for the full breakdown of Minesto’s unique marine energy technology Deep Green.